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Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan is a large island belongs to Van Don Island District. It has an area of 11 sq km, 70km south east of Bai Chay Tourist Wharf, 30km from Cam Pha, and 35km from Cua Ong Wharf. It is a part of an island range on the outside of the Bac Bo Gulf. Quan Lan Island stretch toward East - West from the foot of Van Don range to Got Mountain with many high mountains to the east barring waves and winds, protect the villages.

The island is situated on an important navigation route that connects China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines to Vietnam. Since the 11th century, Quan Lan had been one of the centers of the ancient commercial port of Van Don, which was animated and prosperous at the time. Today, there are still many vestiges linked to the ancient commercial port. This also explains why the island, lying deep in the sea, has the large pagodas and archaeological sites seen today. On the island there is the Quan Lan Communal House built in the 18th century; exceedingly beautiful and almost entirely preserved. Next to it is Quan Lan Pagoda (Linh Quang Tu), which is dedicated to Buddha and God Lieu Hanh. The pagoda also worships the statue of old Hu, a local person who made lots of contributions to the construction of the pagoda. The statue features a gentle and cheerful old woman, which adds an original character to the pagoda. Beside Quan Lan Pagoda lies Nghe Quan Lan (Duc Ong) Shrine, which is dedicated to Pham Cong Chinh, a local people who participated in the historical Van Don battle against the Yuan invaders. He was later honored as a god.

Along two sides of the island are tens kilometers of sandbanks. This is the endless resource for glass making which the sea gives to man and it is also the extremely interesting tourism resource in Halong. To visit Quan Lan Island, tourists are not only enjoyed the landscape but also take bathing in the two nice beaches: Son Hao and Dau Nui which have white sand, pure and blue sea water and strong waves. On the coast tens of meters away from the beach stand the very green wild pines, which further add to its original charm. Guesthouses taking the shape of stilted houses which hide themselves under the lush foliage of casuarinas to serve the travelers. Its pristine beauty and pure environment have made it a Mecca for tourists. Quan Lan Island features a beautiful landscape, and at the same time has many valuable sea products such as octopuses, butterfish, mackerel, holothurians, shrimp, and sai sung.



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